In 2019 Charles Schwab became the title sponsor of The Colonial, PGA’s longest-running tournament and home of one of the greatest golfers of all time: Ben Hogan. After 73 years of dazzling audiences. The iconic Texas tournament lost some of its shine. To help maximize Schwab’s investment, we had to restore the Tournament to its former glory and create a new mythology.

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To reimagine the event, we leaned into Schwab’s “Challenger brand” heritage, the brand’s long-term commitment to golf, and it’s increasing presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth community .


We started with the name and logo system. The iconic tournament became: THE CHARLES SCHWAB CHALLENGE. From there, we were able to create dozens of ways for fans at home and on the course to experience and create anticipation for a new type of tournament. We blitzed golf fans with relevant content that kept them entertained for days:


And to celebrate the year Schwab was founded, fans, caddies and even players sported retro gear and were rewarded with throw-back concession pricing in golf's first ever Throwback Thursday activation.

To finish off the tournament, we even reimagined the ultimate prize. A new kind of trophy. We built the first ever, 1973 Schwab Challenger to be awarded to the winner. With the help of legendary car builder, Steve Strope, the world of American Muscle met Professional golf for the first time. The custom restored ’73 Dodge Challenger, in honor of the year Schwab was founded, became a new hero at Colonial. The car combined Colonial's famous red tartan jacket, with Charles Schwab blue paint and a growling V8 hemi. It was a prize like no other and an homage to the ultimate challenger: Charles Schwab.

To promote the car, we built matchbox miniatures that appeared in players’ lockers at the tournament.

Little did we know that PGA player Kevin Na’s caddie had his eyes on the challenger from the very beginning. And sure enough, when Kevin Na sunk his last putt and won, he gifted the car to his caddie, Kenny, on national broadcast television. The story became the lead on sportscenter and the car become a hit.